Smart Doll Clothes (Continue)

Today, I decided to try the clothes I got from Culture Japan.

The quality does not disappoint.

The sweater is thicker than I thought. It is also very long. It covers her hands. It also covers most of her jeans and still looks loose like in the picture shown above. The style is very pretty and modern. I wish I got some strap top to let Kizuna wear under the sweater.

The boots… I really want another pair in red, but it is sold out. Do note that the boots zipper does stick out. I don’t want to try to force the zipper flat either.

The belt has a cute Culture Japan (CJ) logo. I didn’t put on the belt, though. It was a bit difficult when I tried. I do plan to change Kizuna a few more times in the near future, so I don’t want to ruin the belt. The belt is very soft and light. It feels a bit fragile, but I didn’t use it, so I don’t really know yet.

I don’t plan to let Kizuna wear the beanie yet because it will mess up her hair badly. Right now I don’t know how to tame her hair.

Kizuna seems satisfied with her new clothes~


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