Smart Doll Clothes

Yay! The Smart Doll clothes I ordered from Danny’s store arrived over the weekend. I went to pick up the packages today at the post office. I am surprised at the speed. I didn’t really expect such fast shipment from oversea.

The left side is “boatneck sweater (beige)” and the right is “cardigan gray.”

The items here are “long boots (brown),” “beanie beige,” “short jeans,” and “leather belt (brown).”

I am really excited to try these on, but Kizuna just wore a new dress yesterday. X_X Her green dress arrived over the weekend as well, but it was delivered to the mailbox, so I could try it on Kizuna earlier than these Smart Doll clothes.

It is very beautiful! According to the description, the seller bought it from Yahoo! Japan. The brand is Secret Rose Garden.

Here are more angles.

The items included were lace cape, green corset, dress, petticoat, and socks. I turned her lace cape into a shawl/wrap. I also didn’t make her wear the lace socks.

:3 I’m very satisfied with the design. It is very difficult to find this kind of design on ebay.  I hope to find more~

I am waiting on the white heels I bought. I hope it will match this dress.


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